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I am a native of East Tennessee and earned a BA in International Studies from UT Chattanooga in 2007. I first came to ceramics during a session as an Work Study student at the John. C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC in 2011. Though I'd initially gone to the Folk School intending to continue my studies of spinning, weaving, and fiber dying, I got lured into the messy, muddy world of pottery and haven't looked back!
Through apprenticeships and pottery explorations all over Western North Carolina, I've had the privilege of seeing a wide variety of ceramics making and have gained experience in electric, salt, soda, wood, and raku firings. 
As a studio apprentice at The Village Potters studio in Asheville, NC, I began to hone the surface design techniques and vibrant colors that define my current body of work. I love to take my surfaces on a design journey, applying my love of illustration, graphic design, and print making through sgraffito, stamping, screen printing, resist, and more.
I've been teaching ceramics to kids and adults since 2012, and I love sharing the creative journey of making with others! I am currently teaching at Scenic City Clay Arts in Chattanooga, TN, cultivating my own body of work, and helping design and build a soda-fired gas kiln that will become the new firing home for all my pots. 
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